Monday, December 29, 2008

Resolutions anyone?

As the year is winding down, I begin to think about resolutions. Does anyone else?

For Christmas the boys got a Wii Fit. Guess what it told me? That I was fat! It even set me up on a weight loss plan!!!! Now is that pushy or what. I think it should be banned. Of course Hubby and the boys got to see the whole thing! Now, they are encouraging me to follow through. So maybe I will.

My other thought is that I should get back into couponing and trying to save more money. I haven't done so hot the last couple of months. Between work and the holidays I haven't done so well. My work schedule will be hectic in January, but I won't have the holidays.

What are you guys doing for the new year?

More Christmas

After the Rockettes, we went to a late Christmas Eve mass. This is Hubby and the boys dressed up after mass. Brown Eyes, the youngest, still had lots of energy. Green Eyes, the oldest, could barely hold his eyes open.

Christmas morning the boys were waiting on the stairs to go see what Santa had left. They were very patient.

The boys with Nana on Christmas morning.

We went to visit Hubby's family over Christmas. This is Blue Eyes with two of his adorable cousins.

Christmas Eve

A generous person gave Hubby 4 tickets to the Rockettes. We saw it in the late afternoon on Christmas Eve. Hubby was working, so I took the boys. Photography was allowed as long as you were not a professional or had a professional camera. So, I took lots of pictures that turned out wonderful.

This was a toy soldier scene. The canon shot them, and the soldiers began to fall.
The dancing Santas were a hit with my boys. Lots and lots of Santas.

The seats we were given were fabulous. We were in a box with four seats. The boys thought it was wonderful. They will probably never get to see seats like this again. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful donor.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas gifts

It sleeted here last night, so school has been canceled today. That means I am at home, no work today for me.
I took advantage of the day off to finish Christmas gifts for my co-workers. These are to hang on their wall at work. They are on 20" X30" foam board. I covered it with contact paper, so that they can use scotch tape to put their photos on at work.
I tried to use modge podge on the first one I made, but the foam board curled up as it dried. So, my friend, Paula, suggested that I try contact paper, and it worked. Thank you, Paula. Now I have a scrap one. I am glad I had a scrap one, because each one turned out better than the one before.

My birthday

Last Friday was my birthday. The boys each made pictures for me.

This was my fabulous gift. I have had the Canon EOS for years. It is a 35mm film camera. I got the Tamron 70-300 foot lens. It is amazing. I used it to take pictures at Blue Eyes Christmas program. They turned out great.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas video

I got this idea from my blogging buddy, Trina. If you would like to create your own, click here. Just something fun for the holidays

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I have been trying Twitter. I think I need more friends to make if fun.
If you Twitter, click to follow me.
If you don't Twitter and would like to click
Just click to follow me, and then I will follow you back.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Scrapbook storage

I bought this today at Hobby Lobby for about $30. I think I am going to like it . I scrapbook/craft at the table in the formal dining. I don't have storage in their for my fun things. I can roll this from the closet to the table when I am crafting or scrapbooking. I like all the compartments to sort the papers. What do you use?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Crazy Cat

This is our darling cat, Valentine. She is named Valentine, because that is the day she was rescued from an abusive home. She is a real sweetheart. She does hid from people she doesn't know. Other than that there are no other signs of her former life.

I got tired of stepping on the little pieces of litter every time I do laundry. I purchased the new Breeze litter box system last night. It uses pellets that are bigger, so I am hoping they won't get thrown like the gravely stuff.

I took away her old litter box and gave her the new one. So far she is yet to use the new one. All day she sat by it and cried to me. She looked pitiful. About 6 hours into not using it, I got her a few "nuggets" from the old box, and put them into the new one. I was hoping she would smell it and know it was okay to use.

A couple of hour later, I was more concerned, she had gone at least 8 hours without visiting a litter box. I decided to bring in the old box. The manufactures instructions said to place the two side by side. I should discontinue maintenance on the old box. It would get really bad, and she would decide to use the new one. Then I should get rid of the old one.

When I brought in the old on, she used it. Then she got out and began to purr while loving on it with her chin. Crazy cat. She must really like that old stinky box.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reality check

It is Christmastime. Our homes are beautifully decorating and warm and inviting to anyone who walks through our doors. Screach on those brakes. That is a myth in my world. I always am beating myslef up for the condition of my home and lack of cleaning abilities.

I thought maybe someone else was like me. So I am posting pictures of my piles, so you would know that you are not alone!!!

The above picture is where I am making gifts and wrapping packages. It usually is where homework gets done, but that has been moved to the kitchen table. This is what someone sees when they walk into my home. Lovely. Want to come in? No run as fast as you can.

These are the barstools. The breakfast bar cannot be used, because once again I have piles. These piles are school papers and mail.

See someone else has as much junk and piles as you do. Actually I probably have much more. And the beauty of this situation is I don't know when I will be to clean it. I am working much more right now. Then there is the little issue of Christmas. I still have much more shopping to do. I am hosting at least one gathering before Christmas, with the possibility of an additional on Saturday (yikes, in 2 days). Somehow it will all come together, I just can't foresee how. I also have a cold, so maybe when I feel better, things will look better, and I'll get some work done!

Christmas card photo

I love what Trina did with her Christmas card. We went with a silly version. The verse I used on the card was "Wishing you a Silent Night and peaceful Christmas." Aren't we silly?

I used pickic to edit the photo. Picnik is a free site that Trina had told me about. I was contemplating purchasing photoshop, and she recommended picnik.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Some decorating

This is the shelf above the breakfast nook window. One of my favorite Christmas decorations is the pictures of the boys from past Christmases. Each year we have chosen one picture to enlarge to a 5 X7 or 8 X 10 and frame. Most of them are pictures that we have taken ourselves. Some were taken professionally, such as these.

This is the boys' tree at the top of the stairs. It has all the decorations that they have made on it. This is the tree that took flight down the stairs yesterday.

I tried to take a picture of the stairs. The garland is tied on with ribbon. Decorations hang from the landing. The stockings are tied on with more ribbon. The cat is going nuts trying to get the ornaments that are dangling. There is also a tree at the top of the stairs.

This is the main Christmas tree. It is downstairs. Santa will visit this tree, and it is where the gifts will be.

Today's mishaps

We did some decorating for Christmas today. My goal was to get the tree up. This is our first Christmas in this house, so I wasn't sure where everything would/could be placed. We put a tree downstairs, but we put it two places before we liked it. Hubby decided we could put another tree in the landing upstairs for the boys. We had an old tree in the attic. To make it fit in the corner nicely, we decided to leave off the bottom back branches. That way it didn't stick out so far. Looked good. Then we had the boys decorating while I was downstairs with my sister. We heard a crash, and then "Dad come quick!". The tree was on its way down the stairs.

We had made the tree top heavy by taking the bottom branches off. We packed a small suitcase full of books and placed on the stand in the back where the branches were. Now it is standing fine. They got it decorated without any further mishaps.

Then I decided to post to my blog. I went to put my SD card into the computer to download some pictures. I put the card into the wrong slot. I put it into a bigger slot. Poor hubby had to take the whole processor apart to get it out. But he did. He's just awesome to have around!

Indoor soccer

Brown Eyes is playing indoor soccer. It is a lot of fun to watch, because it is so fast paced. Play doesn't really stop. They play off the walls. Basically the only time it stops is if the ball hits a net overhead. They aren't allowed to hit the nets.


I got a few pictures of the boys at my parents. I picked up a new Kodak camera on Friday. It is 10 megapixels with 12 optical zoom. I have been trying it out to see if I want to keep it. I did return the small Polaroid to Wagreens today. They didn't ask any questions. I just told them the pictures were too grainy. It was also 10 megapixels, but only 3 optical zoom.


We celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents on Friday. We waited so that my sister could join us. She is a chef and had a big day at work on Thanksgiving. We had lots to eat. I did sneak out Friday morning to do a little shopping. I didn't leave until about 7:30, so I missed somethings.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Camera question

I am trying to decide what to do about a camera. My Kodak digital with a great zoom is not working so well. I also have a 35 mm Canon EOS with a broken lens. Any suggestions? I am considering replacing the lens on the 35 mm or purchasing a digital SLR.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The prep can begin

This was such a fun project. I love taking classes from big picture scrapbooking. It is a gratitude box. It has four drawers that pull out. One holds recipes. The other is a booklet of what each person is thankful for. Another has quotes. I plan to use the back of the quotes and the other cards to record who was with us and where we celebrate each Thanksgiving. I also will attach a picture from each year. I think I will come to cherish these memories as we add to them each year.
The kids are out of school for the week, and I am through working at work for the week. Tomorrow is haircuts and shopping for food. The cooking will begin on Thursday.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving feasts

Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes had their Thanksgiving Feasts at school today. Brown Eyes class made their own foods that the pilgrims would have eaten. They had vegetable soup, journey cakes, and homemade butter. I worked in his classroom Friday and today.
Blue Eyes feast was much simpler. I spent about a total of an hour and 15 minutes in his class from set up to cleanup. Whoo Hooo!!! It is over!!! Now for the family feast later this week!!
A couple of weeks ago I bought a new digital camera that would fit in my jeans pocket or purse. These pictures are from that camera. I think I will return it. I am not pleased with the quality of the pictures that it takes. It is a Polaroid, and is 10 megapixels.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What I am Thankful for Today

I am thankful that I have finished delivering and have turned in the money for the Cub Scout Popcorn this year. I have on trail's end mix left to deliver, but that is it. All three boy sell the popcorn, and they sell well. We have lots of friends, neighbors, and co-workers to thank for purchasing from them. Thank you, everyone, for your support. I like the confidence that it gives the boys, and the social etiquette of selling that they learn. At the end it comes down to dad and mom to drive them to delivery it, and add up all the money collected. We have started determining how much they sell by how many carloads it takes to pick it up from where it is delivered.
I am glad the work is done, and that I now have the garage and dining room free of popcorn!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just Living our Lives

Nothing great and exciting has happened lately. Green Eyes is still playing indoor and outdoor soccer. Brown Eyes is playing indoor soccer, but his practices are outdoors. We don't have really cold winters, but their practices go until 8. It seems extremely cold to me at night. They will continue to practice/play outdoors all winter. So, I tried some local stores today for some warmer clothing. I was told they don't carry anything local, but I could check online. Of course they didn't have it online either. So, I went straight to the Under Armour website and ordered some of their cold gear turtlenecks and pants to layer under their windsuits. I hope it works. Anyone else had to layer their kids for outdoor practices in the winter? They practice for 2 hours and yes, I do have hats and gloves.

Other than that we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. We will actually celebrate a day late. My sister will be coming in this year. I think it has been a couple of years since she has been home.

I have just picked up a few Christmas items. I am still trying to figure out how to decorate the outide of the house. I have told hubby lets just hang greenery and be done, but he wants lights. So we'll see what goes up.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Value of Knowledge

Green Eyes is a 5th grader. Yesterday at school he watched the Boy version of Human Growth and Development, "the movie". I still can remember watching my version 30 years ago. My other two children are pretty unware of this topic.

At dinner the kids were talking about their days. Green Eyes announces "I learned sperm fertilizes eggs and makes babies." I dropped my fork and spewed my soup.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The results are in.

"Let every person be subordinate to the higher authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been established by God. Therefore, whoever resists authority opposes what God has appointed, and those who oppose is will bring judgment upon themselves."
Romans 13:1-2

I was this quote at One Frugal Chick's blogsite. It reminded me of my early morning conversations with the boys. The just "knew" McCain would win. I let them watch the morning news to see that Obama did really win. Then I had to reassure them that it would be okay. Obama won for a reason, and he was our President. I saw McCain's concession statements and read that to them. It was nice to see a candidate lose and not call say "Unfair, they cheated, recount". It is about accepting what has happened and moving on.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Today, Hubby and I both voted. The kids made sure we remembered. They had a mock election at school last week. John McCain was the winner. I just wish he is tonight. They were so into watching the results tonight that they didn't want to go to bed.

Some favorite quotes:

Who got Canada's votes? -Blue Eyes
Can we go out to eat tomorrow if John McCain wins?--Blue Eyes
Someone in my class said if Obama wins, their family is moving to Brazil? Should we move, too?-Green Eyes
Someone in my class said their family fasted, so McCain would win. Why didn't we fast?-Green Eyes

Just thought they were cute, and yes Green Eyes knows what fasting is, and has fasted before.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween

This was Blue Eyes costume.

Brown Eyes dressed as Darth Vadar for Halloween.

This was Green Eyes original disguse.

When Blue Eyes returned from Trick or Treating, Green Eyes changed his disguise to this, which he liked much better.

Tulsa Run

These are photos of Green Eyes running the Tulsa Run. He ran the 15K in 1:30:09. That is the equivalent of 9.4 miles. I am very proud of him.
It has been a busy few weeks. My life has had many ups and downs. This is one of the ups that I am very proud of. Green Eyes is preparing for his next run which is 6 miles.
The soccer season is winding down for Blue Eyes. Green Eyes and Brown Eyes are finishing the fall season, but beginning the indoor season.
I am really exploring the world of homeopathic meds. I have chosen not to have my family take the traditional flu shots, but to take some drops from my natropath to supplement our bodies monthly angainst the flu. Time will tell which method works best. This may not be the cheapest method, but I prefer to do what is the healthiest for us as a family. By the way, the drops were !$15 for the entire bottle.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More Walgreen's Crazyness

I am in love with my Walgreen's beauty advisor. I was getting ready to check out with my face red and inflamed. It was burning and irritated. I suspect that I have rosecea, but have never seen a doctor before. She asked me some questions and told me what worked for a good friend of hers. I left with a whole new skin care regime. This shopping trip includes my new skincare items.

Here goes in 9 transactions

3 Glade Wisp Candles at $5.99 each--used three $5 off coupons and earned three $4 Register Rewards
2 Glade Scented Oil Candle holders at $3.99 each--used two $2 off coupons and will receive $$4 in October rebates
3 pocket size packages of M & M's (used as fillers) for 69 cents each
4 packages of Oxy Skincare Acne Product (for my son ) at $4.99 and Buy one, get one free --used four $1 off coupons
1 Eucerin Red Relief facial cleanser for $8.99 --the beauty consultant gave me $1 off coupon
6 Glade apple Scented Oil refills at $3.79--used three buy one , get one free coupons and will receive $6 in October Rebates
1 Eucerin Redness Relief Lotion at $14.99 --used one $1 off coupon from the Beauty Advisor
2 packages of Almay foundation and conceler for $13.99 each (on sale as B1G1 free)--used 2$1 off coupons from the beauty advisor
4 Packages of Hershey's kisses for $2.50 each--will receive $5 in October rebates
4 Packages of Fun Size Snickers bars for $2.50 each--will receive $4 in October rebates and used two $1 off on 2 coupons
2 bars of Cetaphil sensative skin soap bars free from the beauty advisor.

Total without coupons and sales would have been $174.34. I saved $45.53 in sales. I used $59.87 in coupons and Register Rewards. I spent $13.18 in cash for new skincare. I put $$55.76 on the gift card with last month's rebates on it. So in all my out of pocket would have been $68.94. I received $9 in Register Rewards and will receive $20.90 in rebates for October. So in all, I spent $39.04 for everything above. Actual cash was the $13.18. lNot great, but hopefully I will get some relief from my redness.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Walgreen's deals for me

This is my Walgreen's shopping so far this week. This was done in 6 transactions, to maximize the Register Rewards.

1 Oxy Clean acne pads $4.99--used a $1 off coupon
1 Oxy Clean acne lotion BOGO (so free with above purchase)--used $1 off coupon
3 Glade candles $1.99 each--used three $1 off coupons and will get $3 back in rebates
3 Glade Wisp Candles at $5.99 each--used three $5 off coupons, get three $3 Register Rewards
3 Glade Scented Oil candle refills at $1.99 each--used 1 Buy 2, get 1 free coupons and will get $3 back in rebates
2 Glade scented oil candles with holders at $3.99 each--used two $2 off each coupons and will get $4 back in rebates
4 packages of fun size candy bars (Hershey's)for $2.50 each, will get $5 back in rebates
2 packages of fun size Snickers bars for $2.50 each-used one coupon for $1 off 2 packages
2 packages of fun size 3 Muskateers for $2.50 each-used one coupons for $1 off 2 packages and will get $4 back in rebates on the Snickers and 3 Muskateers.
2 Gladeplug in refills for $1.99 each--will get $2 back in rebates
2 packages of Walgreens pocket sizes tissues for 29 cents each (used for fillers)

Total before sales and coupon and previously earned register rewards was $108.63.
I saved $34.45 in sales, and I used $28.09 in coupons. I used $21.50 in previously earned register rewards. My out of pocket was $23.69, which I used my Walgreen's gift card loaded with my September rebates to pay for it. I didn't have to use any of my money!!!

I also received $9 in Register Rewards to use on my next trip. I will have $23.10 added to my Walgreen's gift card for October rebates. So for the $23.69 I used on the gift card, I will have $23.10 put back on and got $9 on top of it. I love it when Walgreen's pays me to shop!

Cappuccino, Anyone?

This has to be one of my most impulsive purchases! My coffee maker stopped working about a week ago. Monday I decided I had to have a new coffee maker. I love my morning coffee!!! Well, I took my boys with me shopping after work on Monday. We went to Target just for a coffee maker. Well, Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes love their morning coffee, too. Green Eyes spotted a small espresso/cappuccino maker. It was tempting. But I worried how long would it take to make four cups of cappuccino every morning. So, for $20 more than the small cappuccino maker, I got got the big one with the regular coffee maker, too.

Hubby asked Green Eyes how he liked his cappuccino this morning. Green Eyes told him "It was like a little slice of heaven in my mouth! It was so good."
That made me think this would be a fun thing to blog about. It makes me a great mom for already having my children love coffee!!!! Not. They always have wanted a taste of what I am drinking. Thank goodness coffee is the strongest thing they have asked for!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Brown Eyes is Seven

Brown Eyes had his 7th birthday today. We had a late dinner celebration. Brown Eyes had a soccer practice, followed by a scrimmage for Green Eyes. We had homemade macaroni and cheese with couple of vegetables. It was followed by brownies and ice cream. The brownies were one of the frozen Duncan Hines that I bought at Homeland on Saturday. Brown Eyes had requested breakfast and the evening meal today.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photoshop Anyone?

I am considering trying Photoshop. Does anyone use this or something similar? Please let me know your opinions. Thanks.

What a Wonderful Weekend

For most of my family, this is where and how we spent our weekend. Brown Eyes came home with a stomach bug on Thursday. My turn came during Green Eyes soccer game on Saturday. I hate getting sick in public places, worst is when everyone knows me!

Before getting sick yesterday, I did some Homeland shopping. Unfortunately, I can't remember what coupons matched up with what. Shopping was during the early stages of feeling bad.

I did this in two transaction, but will list as one.

6 rolls of Grands biscuits, on sale for $1 each

--used two 50 cents off of three, which doubled to $1 off of three

1 Package of Cottonelle toilet paper for $5.33

--used a coupon for 50 cents off, which doubled to $1 off

2 bottles of Dawn Plus Hand Renewal for $1.89

--used two $1 off coupons, which each double to $1.89 (they only double to cost)

2 six packs of Iams canned dog food for $6.54 each

--used two coupons for $1 off each, which doubled to $2 off each

2 loaves of Homeland bread for $1.39 each

--used two coupons for $2 off store brand of bread when you buy a Rice Crispy treat

6 boxes of Betty Crocker Chicken Helper for 1.50

--used 2 coupons for 75 cents off three boxes, which doubled to $1.50 for each coupon

6 cans of Chef Boyardee mini raviolis for $1.00 each

--used two coupons for 35 cents off of three cans, which doubled to 70 cents for each coupon

2 Boxes Green Giant Healthy Weight boxes of vegetables for $1.87 each

--used two 25 cents off each box coupon, which doubled to 50 cents off each

1 jar of Peter Pan peanut butter for 1.99

--used a coupon for $1 off, which doubled to $1.99

2 packages of the bigger Juicy Juice boxes for lunch boxes for $2.49

--used two coupons for $1 off, which doubled to $2 off each

2 Glade Carpet and Room Cleaners for $2.29 each

-used 2 $1 off coupons, which doubled to $2 off each

2 packages of Farmland turkey deli meat for $2.99,

--used two coupons for $1 off each, which doulbed to $2 off each

2 cans of French's Fried Onions for $2.09

--used two coupons for &5 cents off each, which doubled to $1.50 off each

4 boxes of Nutri Grain bars for $2.50 each

--used two coupons for $1 off of two boxes, which doubled to $2 off for each coupon

2 cans of Homel chicken breast for $1 each

--used two coupons for 35 cents off, which doubled to 70 cents off each can

2 packages of Betty Crocker Garlic Instant potatoes for $1.00 each

--used two coupons for 40 cent off, which doubled to 80 cents off

2 bottles of original Dawn soap for $1.00 each

--used two coupons for 50 cents off each, which doubled to $1 off each

4 cans of Hunts tomatoes for 99 cents each

--used two coupons for 40 cents off two cans, which doubled to 80 cents off two cans

4 boxes of Kellogg's yogos for $2.50 each

--used two coupons for $1 off two, which doubled to $2 off for each coupon (I know this isn't a terrific deal, but I need to send snacks to school)

4 boxes of Kellogg's Rice Krispy treats for $2.39 each

--used two coupons for $1 off of two multipacks, which double to $2 off for each coupon (Again, not a great deal, but I need to send snacks)

4 boxes of Poptarts for $1.99

--used two coupons for xx off of two boxes, which doubled, but I can't remember the value

3 boxes of Philsbury cake mixes for $1 each

2 bags of Green Giant vegetables for $2.69 each

--used two coupons for $1 off, which doubled to $2 off each bag

4 single servings of Spam for $1 each

--used two coupons for 40 cents off of 2, which doubled to 80 cents off of two (My children will donate these to a food pantry at church)

2 packages of Farmland Smoked Sausage for $3.69

--used two coupons for $1 off each, which doubled to $2 off each

1 box of Tennesee Pride sausage biscuits for $2.50

--used one 55 cents off coupon, which double to $1.10 off

1 one box Tennesse Pride fully cooked sausage links for $2.50

--used one coupon for $1 off, which doubled to $2 off

2 packages of frozen Duncan Hines Brownies for $3.39

--used two coupons for $1 off each, which doubled to $2 off each

2 boxes of Tyson appetizers for $3.85 each

--used coupons, which doubled (can't remember the amounts)

1 box Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kit for $4.69

--used one coupon for $1 off, which doubled to $2 off

2 boxes of black pepper for $2 each

I saved $40.77 in store sales. My coupon savings were $79.78. Homeland was offering a no tax day yesterday, so I paid no taxes, which saved me another $15.40.

In all I spent $101.26. It is alot of money, but I felt like I had bought a ton of groceries. I would have spent much more at Walmart. Adding the numbers together, I paid $101.26 for $237.21 worth of groceries!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brown Eye's Soccer Game

These are the pictures I took at Brown Eyes soccer game tonight. They beat the Tulsa Nationals 9-0. I think I got better pictures than at Green Eye's game yesterday because it was later in the day. The camera still hit processing............................. several times on me tonight. I really need to learn how to use it. It is funny to look at the pictures, because it looks like Brown Eyes is just standing holding the ball. In reality he kicked it. You can tell by the first two pictures just how fast he was moving.

Another Walgreen's trip

I went to Walgreen's this afternoon. Here is what I purchased in two transactions:

4 Glade plugin warmers at $1.99 each

--used two Buy One, Get One Free coupons

--used two $1 off one coupons

--will submit for a $1 rebate on each

4 Reach ultra toothbrushes at $2.50 each

--received $ 5 Register Rewards

4 Bags of Brach's candy corn at $1.00 each

-no discounts, just needed to fill the pumpkin jar

2 Crest ProHealth mouthwashes at $4.49 each

--used two 75 cents off one coupons

--received two Register Rewards for $4.50 each

I also used a $10 Register Reward that I got a couple of weeks ago on the cleaning products

My total before coupons was: $30.94

After the coupons I spent $17.06, and earned $4 plus the 10% in rebates and $14 in Register Rewards.