Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday I wrote about my resolutions. They are nothing new. Just listing that to do list that is always in my head. It is more about finishing what I have started. This weekend I dove head first into a box that contained all the certificates that my children have earned. They have a lot to be proud of.

About seven years ago I had started a post bound album for my oldest child. It didn't even have the plastic protectors on the pages. As I was attempting to add all his certificates I realized that adding pages was a real pain. Thus began a whole new project. Now each page is now in a plastic protector. I didn't decorate or embellish in this album Quick, simple. Hopefully my children can look back at their lives and see how truly amazing they each are.

Below are a couple of samples, that don't reveal any personal info about my kids (no names or schools). The first is swimming ribbons earned by Brown Eyes. The second is "Pat on the Backs" Brown Eyes earned in kindergarten. Can you tell I am a pack rat about what they earn?

After trying to add pages to the post bound albums, they are now in the trash. I ripped the pages out and dropped them into plastic page protectors. I already had these albums for the boys for a future scrapbook. They each have a 3 ring binder and are much easier to add pages into. They are made by American Crafts. I am now caught up with new pages added for future awards. Or at least caught up until Wednesday....

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Trina said...

I love these!!! Definitely beats the plastic tub I got going. LOL